Event Checklist
There is some important information to gather before placing your order. Please consider the following prior to finalizing your order with Lakeside Catering.


  • Who are you serving?
  • How many?
  • Do they require a special menu? (allergies/preferences)
  • Please give a close estimate when placing your order. Final numbers are needed 3 days prior to the event to insure all product is on hand.


What type of food are you looking to provide?

  • Hors D'oeuvres/Appetizers-passed or stationary, pre-dinner or main affair.
  • Hot or cold buffet - easy to serve any size group (Serving attendants available)
  • Served Meals - For a formal meeting, special guests, or formal celebration
  • Beverages/desserts - add to any meal or serve alone for afternoon snack
  • Bar Service - Please make sure you have a signed permit and have read our Alcohol Policy.

What kind of event are you having?

  • Informal - snacks for class or meeting, grab and go lunch.
  • Standing-cocktail reception or post meeting mingling/networking.
  • Partial seating - Mixed age events or extended length event.
  • Full seated-Formal events, working lunches or meals with a presentation.

What kind of service does your event require?
  • Drop and GoThis is a very casual service.  The food and drinks are both served in/on disposable/compostable ware; which means that hot food will not have a heat source once delivered.  Guests will have disposable plates, silverware, and drinkware.  There is no delivery fee for this choice, it also does not include any set up, clean up or linen service.  This service choice give the event coordinator the opportunity to setup the food and beverages however they see fit.  It is also the event coordinator's responsibility to dispose of anything remaining at the end of the event.

    Casual Buffet - With this service, guests will use disposable ware; which includes plates, cups, and cutlery.  The food will be presented on the buffet line on china platters, chafing dishes to keep hot food hot, and beverages will be in temperature appropriate dispensers.  This service includes a pickup service at the end of the event for all equipment and linen used. 

    Buffet - This service will be presented on china platters and will have chafing dishes to maintain hot food hot, all beverages will be in temperature appropriate dispensers, and guests will use china tableware; which includes, plates, glassware and cutlery,  This service choice is provided for a per person fee of $2.99.  Service staff are available for busing and serving of the meal upon request.  This service includes a pickup service at the of the event.

    Preset Meals - With this service, all food will be individually plated on china ware.  The table will be set with placemats, linen napkins, glassware, and the appropriate cutlery for the meal.  the Catering team will preset everything that has been ordered prior to guests arrival and will not be present during the event.  This service choice is provided for a per person fee of $2.99.  This service choice includes a pickup service at the end of the event.

    Served Meals - With this service, table will be set with place mats, linen napkins an all tableware; which included plates, glassware, and the appropriate cutlery for the meal.  The meal will be served and bused by our highly trained staff.  This option has a per person fee of $2.99, along with the necessary service staff and Chef fee that will be determined by our team depending on the requirements of the vent.  Service staff will be on hand throughout the event for busing, refills, and cleanup of event.

  • Time of day - Pick time of day appropriate food (ie-snacks at meal time)
  • Length of event-Allocate adequate time for service type.
  • Clean up- Please inform the catering department of allotted time for event set-up and clean-up.
  • There needs to be a definite start and end time.
  • Location - do you have a room?
    • Would you like to reserve the Garden Dining Room? (please call 209-228-2287)
  • Location Needs
    • If your event location needs seating or tables please contact facilities to coordinate setup and clean up of tables and chair
    • Table cloths are available through catering, please have sizes and quantities ready when placing your order (found under extras and rentals).
    •  Please have access to the room, and ready to give Lakeside Catering access up to one hour prior to your event. (if not possible, please communicate specifics with us).


  • How are you paying?
    • FAU - please have FAU available when you place the order
    • Be ready to enter your approvers' e-mail.
    • Check- please refer to our policy page regarding check payment
  • How much food to order?
    • Hors D'oeuvres - 4-6 pieces per person pre-meal and 6-12 pieces if serving hors d'oeuvres only.



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