•  How do I order food items that are not in Catertrax?  

      - CaterTrax will allow you to type a message in the “instructions box” indicating
         any special requests.  

•  Can I order tables and chairs through Catering?

      - No. CaterTrax is used to place food and beverage orders only. 
        You must contact facilities for tables and/or chair rentals.  

•  Are we allowed to take any perishable food items from an event?  

     - No. Due to food handling concerns and UC policies; no perishable
        food is to leave any event.  

•  How far in advance should I place my orders?  

      - As always, the sooner the better.  In order to procure the proper product and staff,
        5 days prior to your event will be the latest to place your order in CaterTrax.  

•  Can we place an order within the 5 day window? 
      - Please contact the Catering Department before placing the order. 
        We want to make sure we have the right product and staff for your event.  

•  What methods of payment does the catering department accept?  

      - We accept personal checks.  If paying by check, we need a 30% deposit prior
         to the event and  payment in full on the day of the event.  

         Please make checks payable to UC Regents.  

      - FAU payments (recharge payments), you will need your department FAU
        number to finalize you order.  

•  Will my order be delivered if FAU payment is NOT approved prior to event?  

      - Please verify that right approvers information is entered for every order. 
         Orders without  approval will not be delivered.

•  Are we allowed to bring our own perishable food items for our event?  

      - No. Due to food safety concerns and UC policies; NO perishable food item
        from an outside  vendor is to be used at a catered event.  

•  Are we allowed to pour our own alcohol?  
       - No. Alcohol policy states that only the catering department staff can serve
          alcohol to guests at  a catered event.  

•  Can I place an order without reaching the minimum amount requirement for delivery?  

       - Yes. You are allowed to place an order without reaching the minimum amount
          but a $25.00 or 25% charge of the difference will be applied to the total.  

•  Can the Catering staff receive tips? 

        - No. UC Policies state that under no circumstance can any member of our
          catering department take tips from a guest. 

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